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I have chosen Jim to inspect homes for my buyers for several reasons. It certainly is obvious that Jim in an expert in his field and understands the details of a home very well. But, what sets him apart from many other inspectors is that he allows buyers to follow him around the home to view the problem areas first hand and ask questions. But, even more importantly, he freely conducts a tutorial for the buyers in all facets of their future home. He instructs them on appliances, heating and A/C systems and other electrical and plumbing items. I recently scheduled Jim to inspect a new home of 4,200 sq.ft. with new, sophisticated electrical and plumbing features. My clients were so very grateful to have Jim as their inspector."Joyce
G.- Sammamish,Wa


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Customer Gina Madeya submitted a review for Jim Breckenridge for the deal 11121 NE 97th St

Rating: 10

Friendly, thorough and very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain how things worked, was detail-oriented and able to answer all my questions no matter how 'trivial'. Moving here from a desert environment to the PNW, Jim knew what things to point out that I wouldn't even have known to ask about! It was a pleasure to work with him and we know exactly what we need to do in our new home.


From 8-15-12"As first-time homebuyers, we were excited to get a professional's look at our first home. Jim allowed us to tag along on his inspection and ask as many questions as we wanted. Not only did he point out things that needed attention, he also gave us an education on our home, including basic things like how to shut off the water and light the furnace. His inspection report was very thorough and included photos he'd taken at the home. Jim was very professional and personable on the job. We'll definitely recommend him to our friends in future.


Rating: 9

Comments: "Jim provided an exceptionally thorough home inspection, and was more than happy to explain the ins and outs of various details of potential house issues when we walked through our potential new home with him. His written report and summary were provided swiftly and reflected the thoroughness of the inspection, as well his years of experience. Bonus points for making jokes, and clearly enjoying his job."

See the review on Redfin Open Book:

You don’t know how glad we are to have met you 14 years ago. You are a wealth of information, we both know it, and we appreciate it!

Meghan and Kris

Mr. Breckenridge,
Thank you for providing the last-minute inspection! I am a detail-oriented person and I truly appreciated the thoroughness of your inspection. I learned a ton about all the details of the house. As a more informed homeowner, I definitely feel more equipped to upkeep and repair this house.

I’ll be sorting through all your comments and recommendations and will tackle each issue as priority and budget allows. Thank you again for your inspection. I could not imagine a better or more knowledgeable inspector.

Matthew K.

Jim Breckenridge with Trillion Inspections is the absolute best Home Inspector you will find.He inspected my 1050sq ft. 1944 house 15 years ago and I used him again this past week for a newly built (2002) 3800sq ft. house because I remembered how thorough, professional, smart, helpful and down-to-earth he is. He is outstanding in his profession. You won't find a better home inspector because there simply isn't one out there. I am happy to provide a recommendation any time.

-Lisa jan 2012


I have sat on many inspections with Jim and find him to be all of those things to our buyers...on top of being a super nice human being!
Kathi Kelly-Billings | Redfin Seattle Field Agent

Jim is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. He talks through everything he sees and helps you understand what he is looking for and why. Reminds me of a close family member who is going to dig into the details to make sure you are buying a sound property. Zach P. , Magnolia property- 3-2013

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